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Expert Journal of Business and ManagementExpert Journal of Business and Management is an interdisciplinary journal that aims to publish thought-provoking and insightful articles of interest to business research and management.
Journal of Business and FinanceJournal of Business and Finance is an open access international journal. It publishes articles in the field of business, finance and its related interface.
International Journal of Electronic Commerce StudiesThe IJECS is a double-blind referred academic journal for all fields of Electronic Commerce
International Journal of Management and Business StudiesIt publishes articles in the fields of Management and Business Studies.
Indian Journal of Management Science (IJMS)Indian Journal of Management Science (IJMS) (Online + Print) is a peer reviewed journal. The main objective of journal is to provide platform for the researchers. Journal publishes high quality theoretical and empirical papers in the area of management science.
The Journal of Finance and Accountancy (JFA)It publishes original, unpublished studies related to financial and accounting topics in business and education.
Research in Business and Economics JournalThe Research in Business and Economics Journal (RBEJ) publishes original, unpublished manuscripts focused on business or economics research.
Asian Journal of Business and Management Sciences (AJBMS)The journal covers a broad range of topics that can fall under the category of business and management disciplines, methodologies, and new theoretical paradigms.
Journal of Internet Banking and CommerceThe journal of internet banking and commerce informs banking and electronic commerce academics, executives and professionals on principal developments, profit oriented business, architecture, benchmarked practices, compliance,risk,accountability, and future trends in the internet based business management and marketing of governments and industry
Business Management DynamicsPublished monthly with an online open access, Business Management Dynamics (BMD) is working under the umbrella of Society of Business and Management Dynamics (SBMD)
Business and Management Review (BMR)It is an international open-access and online journal that is published monthly. It publishes research papers that provide sound theoretical and clear insights with future practical and actionable implications for the well-being of stakeholders of the society as a whole.
International journal of Business science and & Applied ManagementThe mission of the International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management is to enhance the dissemination of knowledge across the business and management community. The key disciplines are e-business, general management, international business, strategy, marketing, supply chain management, organization studies, entrepreneurship, enterprise, innovation, and human resource management
International Business and ManagementIt provide a forum to share knowledge, related to broad range of topics including commercial science; Business management and operation management; Accounting; Management services; Business Communication; Business/Managerial Economics; Business Operations; Financial Management and financial administration; Tourism and Travel Services Management so on.
International Journal of Business Research and Management (IJBRM)IJBRM establishes an effective communication channel between decision- and policy-makers in business, government agencies, and academic and research institutions to recognize the implementation of important role effective systems in organizations.
Decision Analytics: A SpringerOpen JournalA peer-reviewed, open access journal, promoting the applications of computer technology, operations research, statistics, and simulation to decision-making and problem-solving in all organizations and enterprises within the private and public sectors.
International Journal of Management and Economics ( IJME)IJME is focused on international economic problems and research in Management and economics.
The Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management (EJKM)This journal publishes research on topics relevant to the study, implementation and management of knowledge management and intellectual capital and other related fields of study.
The International Journal of Business and CommerceIt keeps readers up-to-date with the latest research and newest thinking in consumer goods in an easy-to-read, straightforward way.
International Journal of Business and Management Invention (IJBMI)IJBMI publishes research articles and reviews within the whole field Business and Management, new teaching methods, assessment, validation and the impact of new technologies
International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance (IJTEF)It is an international academic open access journal which gains a foothold in Singapore, Asia and opens to the world. It aims to promote the integration of Trade, Economics and Finance. The focus is to publish papers on state-of-the-art Trade, Economics and Finance.
The Journal of Innovation and EntrepreneurshipIt is dedicated to exchanging the latest academic research and practical findings on all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship in spatial context and over time.
Asian Journal of Management ResearchIt publishes scholarly articles from the areas of management, management principles, and recent inventions in management, company management, financial management, human resources, accounting, marketing, operations management, human resource management, statistics, international business, information technology, environment, risk management, globalization and related areas.
Journal of Electronic Commerce ResearchJournal of Electronic Commerce Research (JECR) is a quarterly peer-reviewed (double blind) journal. It provides an international forum for researchers and professionals to share therein, knowledge, reports, new advances on all topics related to electronic commerce theories and applications. The journal focuses on electronic commerce including therein theoretical foundation, infrastructure and enabling technologies.
Journal of Management & Public PolicyIt is a biannual peer-reviewed journal published in June and December every year by Spartacus India for Management Development Research Foundation, New Delhi (India). JMPP seeks to create a body of knowledge around the interface of various functional areas of Management and Public Policy.
Journal of AccountancyThe Journal of Accountancy is the flagship publication of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants since 1905. The articles and features cover a wide variety of subjects including accounting, financial reporting, auditing, taxation, personnel financial planning, technology, business valuation, professional development, ethics, liability issues, consulting, practice management, education and related domestic and international business issues
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (JTAER)The Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research is published quarterly. The intended audience includes academicians, researchers and professionals in computer science, information management, telecommunications, business administration, sociology, law, financial services, as well as specialists in the field of electronic commerce.
Asian Journal of Finance & AccountingIt provides an online forum to disseminate findings of research in the fields of finance and accounting worldwide.
Journal of Management ResearchIt is an online journal, peer-reviewed journal covering business, management, marketing, finance, organizational development, corporation administration, human resource management and relevant subjects.
Business and Management JournalsThis site provide all the open access journals in management field
Journal of Business & Financial AffairsJournal of Business & Financial Affairs (BSFA), a broad-based journal was founded on two key tenets: To publish the most exciting researches with respect to the subjects of Business & Financial Affairs. Secondly, to provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing and to disseminate the articles freely for research, teaching and reference purposes.
Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization ManagementJournal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management provides the rapid monthly publication of articles in all areas related to Entrepreneurship & Organization Management
Arabian Journal of Business and Management ReviewThe Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review (AJBMR) provides framework for conveying various research and academic brilliance in the field of business and management.
Researchers World Journal of Arts Science & CommerceResearchers World Journal of Arts Science & Commerce is an open access peer review quarterly research journal that publishes articles in the field of Arts Science & Commerce.
The Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies (IJCMS)The Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies (IJCMS) is an online peer review open access journal that publishes high qualitative research paper/article/review in the field of Commerce & Management..
American Journal of Industry and Business ManagementIt covers articles on industry and business management
Open Journal of business and managementIt covers all management journals
Serbian Journal of ManagementThis journal started in 2006 with an aim to publish works on theory and practice of management.
The Asia Pacific Journal of ManagementThe Asia Pacific Journal of Management publishes original manuscripts on management and organizational research in the Asia Pacific region, encompassing Pacific Rim countries and mainland Asia.
Business ResearchA peer-reviewed open access journal, bridging the boarders of subfields in business research by covering both traditional fields of business administration and cross-functional, multidisciplinary research that reflects the complex character of business problems
Strategic Management ReviewThe scope of the journal mirrors the domain of the Business Policy and Strategy division of the Academy of Management.
Wall Street and Technology OnlineThis site provides the issues of the journal wall street and technology online. Also various information and updates on trading technology, Exchanges, Asset Management, Data security, Compliance and risk management.