POLITICS  Related e-Journals
The open political science journalIt is an Open Access online journal which publishes original research articles, reviews, short articles and guest edited single topic issues in all areas of political science.
European Journal of Economic and Political Studies (EJEPS)It is an international peer-reviewed academic journal publishing research articles in the field of economics, business administration, international relations, political science, public administration, and related fields.
Journal of political science and public affairsIt covers the fields on political philosophy, comparative politics, international relations, anarchist capitalist, democracy, federacy, mixed economy, parliamentary and dictatorship.
Journal of Science CommunicationJCOM is an open access journal on science communication. It provides some theoretical guidelines both for scholars and practitioners in the field of public communication of science and technology.
British Journal of Political ScienceIt is aiming to cover developments across the countries from all fields of political science.
Journal of Political StudiesIt is published by the dept. of political science, Punjab University.
South-East European Journal of Political Science (SEEJPS)It is a peer-reviewed journal, with four thematic issues per year, dedicated to South-East Europe to the socio-historical and political peculiarities and commonalities this area has in relation to the West and in relation to other surrounding cultural and political spaces, as well.
Theoretical and empirical researches in urban managementThe journal aims to provide theoretically and empirically informed analysis on social, economical and technical issues related with urban development and management.
Ethics & Global PoliticsIt is an Open Access, peer reviewed scholarly journal fostering theoretical contributions to the study of global politics, including the presentation of novel ways of understanding and conceptualizing the global political challenges the world faces today.
The International Journal of Public Information SystemsIt provides link to researchers and other professionals who share an interest in the process, nature, significance and implications of public information systems design.
Journal of world-systems researchIt is a free and open access, academic journal since 1994.
Open journal of Political ScienceIt is an international journal dedicated to the latest advancements in political science. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of political science.
Studies of Changing Societies (SCS Journal)It is the interdisciplinary collection of scholarly articles in various fields of social sciences including area that cut across different sub-fields.